Alfa Romeo reveal name change to “Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber”

Jaden Diaz
15 Dec, 2023

On 10 December, the teams had to officially submit their registration for the championship to the FIA. These included their names for the 2024 season, which will begin in March. Several changes were expected.

In fact, this year was the last for Sauber-branded Alfa Romeo. The partnership ended as Sauber prepared to become the official Audi team in 2026.

This transition will be complete with a Power Unit produced on-site. However, the news also concerns the Faenza team, formerly known as Toro Rosso. There is also change at Aston Martin, which is linked even more closely to one of its technical-commercial partners.

The Sauber name returns to F1

Until the debut of the new regulations in 2026, Sauber will remain in F1 with a new name, but with the same engine. The collaboration with Ferrari will continue on the same terms, with Ferrari only producing their engine. Hinwil with provide their cars with cooling, gearbox and suspension systems.

These coming years will be important for the team of Andreas Seidl, current CEO of Sauber, who is working to shape and grow the team while awaiting Audi’s entry. They have already brought in a new Technical Director – James Key. These two worked together at McLaren.

An important step forward is expected from him for next season with a car that is “new, with a different concept.”

There will be changes in the team’s presentation of the 2024 car, which will take place in England. On a technical level, it will be curious to see what Sauber does next year, as the team is guided by Alessandro Alunni Bravi.

The team’s original name will return to the Formula 1 grid with a new partnership: Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. The Hinwil team is, therefore, linked to the streaming platform KICK. For the 2024 and 2025 seasons, they have earned the naming rights for the chassis produced in Switzerland.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Representative:Sauber has always focused on innovation, breaking the mould and challenging conventions. The partnership with is the latest and boldest demonstration of the philosophy that guides us. is redefining the way live streaming is done and will take the same disruptive approach to the world of Formula One. With, our goal is to take the next step in finding new and innovative ways to get closer to our fans.”

Bijan Tehrani, Co-Founder at has seen tremendous growth since its inception and continues making waves in the streaming industry. KICK’s content is fast-paced and engaging, like what we witness every Grand Prix weekend. Just like this partnership, KICK was essentially destined for the track. We are excited to take our collaboration to an unprecedented level, supported by our knowledge of motorsports culture and our passion for cutting-edge technology. Exceptionally, this universally popular sport aligns perfectly with our product and what we are building at”

Akhil Sarin, Chief Marketing Officer at We are thrilled to reveal the disruptive collaboration between two innovative brands. By elevating KICK’s association with the team from Major Partner to Chassis Naming Rights Partner, this partnership is set to redefine the boundaries of fan engagement, delivering an unprecedented experience for motorsports fans around the world. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with, where passion meets performance in the fast lane of digital entertainment.”

Aston Martin intensifies its relationship with the giant Aramco

There is a piece of ‘minor’ news concerning Aston Martin. The Silverstone team has strengthened its collaboration with Aramco, which will become “Team Title Partner” from 2024. This will allow the British team to support the costs of developing and updating their car and infrastructure.

The fruits of this can be seen with the new factory and wind tunnel at Silverstone. This is a high-value partnership, especially from an economic perspective.

This is another score for Lawrence Stroll, who continues fortifying his team while adding important investments. And so, next season will see the beginning of Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team.

Unsurprisingly, this list has AlphaTauri still marked with its old name, with only the final addition of RB. The team plans to reveal their new identity next year (2024) before presenting the new car.

Author: Paolo D’Alessandro Piergiuseppe Donadoni

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang