Allison enjoying “plotting and scheming” Mercedes upgrade plans

Jaden Diaz
17 Jun, 2023

James Allison, re-appointed to the role of Mercedes technical director earlier this year, could not hide his enthusiasm for the W14 and W15 when speaking to the media in Canada.

The Mercedes engineer has been brought in to lead a new direction of development at Brackley, with the team quickly deciding after the Bahrain GP that a new concept was necessary.

Although it is too early to determine how effective the latest W14 updates will be, the Spanish GP was no doubt a source of motivation for all the personnel working to push the German outfit forward.

It cannot be overlooked that Catalunya has always been a strong venue for Mercedes.

Still, all indications are that the latest changes – which are only the first step – are putting the Silver Arrows on the right track.

Speaking in Montreal, Allison discussed the satisfaction he takes from working on developments for the team:

“I’m certainly enjoying it. I think it might be a big grandiose to say I’m putting all these things in place.

“I’m just tucked in with my colleagues, plotting and scheming what we’re bringing for the tracks this year. 

“And also, similarly, what we’re trying to do for next year. We’ve just had the main press conference, and I was trying to express what an actual thrill that is. 

“When you’ve got a bit of a picture forming internally, with all your fellow engineers, of how that journey’s going to look. 

“And it’s a bit like waiting for Christmas. You can’t wait for it to arrive, and it’s very exciting.”

After a dominant start to the season for Red Bull, a resurgence from the likes of Mercedes and Aston Martin would be a welcome sight – at least from a neutral perspective.

Friday’s practice in Canada provided more promising signs for the German outfit, with both drivers – in particular Lewis Hamilton – more comfortable with the W14 and its drivability.

Although potential rain later this weekend could complicate efforts to analyse the deficit between Red Bull and the chasing pack, there is a clarity and certainty at Mercedes that has been absent in the last 18 months.

With plenty of racing scheduled for the next two months, a more definitive picture of the F1 field – both for 2023 and 2024 – will emerge.

After all, perhaps the most crucial responsibility James Allison has been entrusted with is ensuring that next year’s W15 overcomes the issues plaguing Mercedes under these regulations.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang



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