Alonso: Aston-Honda deal “the only way” to be 100% in control

Fernando Alonso is pleased with the agreement between Aston Martin and Honda, starting in 2026, describing the move as necessary for the British squad to progress.

Aston Martin’s start to the 2023 season is evidence that even customer teams, provided they invest heavily in acquiring top talent, are capable of competing with established top teams.

However, this does not negate the advantages that manufacturer teams like Mercedes and Ferrari enjoy. After all, customers such as Aston Martin are forced to build their cars around the components provided by their suppliers.

Whilst far from a death sentence, it still limits a team’s freedom in the philosophy and overall development direction it wants to pursue.

Red Bull’s switch to Honda (who exclusively worked with the Austrian squad and its sister team) and subsequent Championship success proves how instrumental these partnerships can be.

As a result, Alonso is confident that Aston Martin has taken the correct decision:

“It’s very good news for the team. I think it shows the commitment of Aston Martin’s commitment to winning races and Championships in the future, and being independent. 

“Manufacturing their own gearboxes and everything on the car.

“It’s the only way to be 100% sure that you are in control of everything in your package. It’s a good sign for everyone at Aston Martin, that the desire and potential to win is there.”

Although this agreement should have a negligible impact on the AMR23’s progression, it is significant for the Silverstone team’s long-term aspirations in F1.

Team principal Mike Krack has voiced his confidence in Aston’s direction, outlining that Honda is not in Formula 1 simply to make up the numbers:

“I’m very, very confident. They have a racing mentality; they are not here just to participate.

“Honda is one of these partners that is very serious about what they’re doing, and I don’t think they don’t do things in halves.

“So I’m sure they will scale it in the right way.”

Considering Honda’s Championship success with Red Bull, it is clear the Japanese titan has the potential to compete at the very front.

Ultimately, it is too early to say how successful this new alliance will prove – but this move is still widely seen as a positive one for all parties.

In any case, Mike Krack and Fernando Alonso will be focused on optimising their race weekend in Monaco and holding their ground in the battle for second in the standings.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang