AlphaTauri set to decide their name change for 2024

Jaden Diaz
21 Nov, 2023

AlphaTauri will race under a new name in 2024 as Red Bull looks to change the direction of the team. According to new reports, the Faenza-based team will not be directly named after a title sponsor.

Initially, two key players were reported as being involved in renaming AlphaTauri. Adidas and Hugo Boss were understood to be in negotiations to become the Italian outfit’s title sponsors for 2024 and beyond.

Considering the growth of Formula 1 – especially with international audiences – the interest in such large brands was hardly surprising. At one stage, it seemed plausible that “Adidas F1 Team” was a name that could feature on the grid.

Only recently, Aston Martin F1 sold some shares in their team – which valued the team at $1 billion. Red Bull themselves have received offers for the ownerships at AlphaTauri, with offers at around the $1 billion mark also rejected.

However, it seems that neither Adidas nor Hugo Boss were successful. Perhaps they will sponsor the team in a more limited capacity, but AlphaTauri isn’t expected to be named after Adidas or Hugo Boss.

The latest information suggests their name won’t be directly connected to new sponsors.

Instead, the name “Racing Bulls” is being floated as a potential option for 2024. The aim appears to be for a more traditional name not tied to a sponsorship agreement.

Of course, AlphaTauri’s new name will have to be connected more directly to the main team – Red Bull. This happened previously with Toro Rosso, a generally popular name that F1 fans have been eager to see return.

Toro Rosso was simply the Italian translation of “Red Bull”. This name gave the team a unique identity while linking them back to the Red Bull brand.

It remains to be seen how well-received the new name for 2024 will be. In any case, it will represent a new era for the team – as their technical collaboration with the main team grows.



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