Alpine anticipate difficult start to 2024 season after testing

Jaden Diaz
25 Feb, 2024

Of the top teams, Red Bull and Ferrari were the ones that surprised the most. In the so-called midfield, some good signals came, especially from Racing Bulls (VCARB). Alpine, on the other hand, carried out a rather anonymous three-day test.

“We focused only on ourselves, engaging in a major testing program. We had good reliability, and this allowed us to complete the planned plan,” said Team principal Bruno Famin.

After three days of testing, Team Enstone ranked eighth team in terms of laps completed (334). 

Gasly and Famin: “We will have a difficult start to the season but…”

“The start of the season will not be easy for us.” Pierre Gasly confessed, confirming the rumours reported at the time of the presentation by

During the winter, the French team carried out a lot of work on revolutionizing the less visible parts of the car after having worked mainly on the aerodynamic part last season.

The aim is to create a new platform that can increase the performance of the car. Mid-season development and progression in 2025 is the aim.


To do this, it was necessary to intervene in all those components ‘frozen’ in development during the season, such as the chassis, transmission and, above all, the mechanics. As for the aerodynamic steps forward, they will arrive immediately and during the season.

“We know that the next few weeks will be extremely important to develop the A524, adding more performance to it,” said Pierre Gasly.

In short, the French team has low expectations for the start of the season but the confidence that, by unlocking performance from a still immature platform with potential, the A524 will begin to provide important satisfactions.

The A524 is an anonymous car, which does not excel in any area

At Alpine, the focus is therefore more on the medium term as the 2024 project was born from a “completely blank sheet of paper” and with a “completely new concept,” reiterated Pierre Gasly. Only the steering wheel remained of the A523.

The change was necessary because the previous technical project had reached its maximum potential. Therefore, the French team had to dare, with the risk of having to bring an immature car onto the track in the very first races.

From the tests, it emerged that the A524 does not have important advantages but is still a rather anonymous car, where there is still “a lot to learn and discover,” said the French driver.

Ocon also has a similar opinion to that of his teammate. “We improved the car and made a lot of progress from the first to the last day, but we still have a lot of work to do,” said the 27-year-old driver.

Like all teams, the next five days will be very important to analyze the data collected and understand how to optimize the package.

“We know where we are. We expect a challenging start to the season, but the objective is to continue to get to know our car in order to develop it correctly over the course of the season,” concluded the team principal, Bruno Famin.

Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang