Bahrain FP2: Mercedes lead from Fernando Alonso at the front

Jaden Diaz
29 Feb, 2024

With the first free practices of 2024 concluded, there are several interesting observations to make. Considering the time of day the Grand Prix is held, Bahrain FP2 sessions are always very important for the teams.

Across the field, personnel worked to maximise the more representative track conditions. During the first half hour, the teams used soft tyres to do low-fuel simulations.

Mercedes were undoubtedly the team in the most encouraging form. Lewis Hamilton went fastest with a 1:30.374, whilst George Russell was just two-tenths behind.

In P3 was another Mercedes-powered driver (a sign that they probably ran with a more aggressive engine map), Fernando Alonso, in the Aston Martin.

Behind the Spaniard were Sainz, Piastri, Verstappen, Hulkemberg, Stroll, Leclerc and Sergio Perez.


The teams dedicated the last part of the session to shortened long runs on the soft tyre

Most of the teams started out very delicately in the treatment of the tyre, marking a fairly high initial attack time (around 1:37), then gradually decreasing in the following laps and climbing back up several laps later due to the inevitable rubber degradation. T

he only driver from the top teams to take the opposite approach was Sergio Perez, who showed a very aggressive attack time (low 1:36) and then gradually climbed lap after lap. 

Obviously, the fuel loads and engine configurations are unknown. We return to the track tomorrow at midday for FP3 before jumping into Qualifying in Bahrain.