Carlos Sainz: “The aim is to stay at Ferrari many more years”

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Carlos Sainz has made sure to dismiss any rumours circulating about his future in Formula 1, insisting his full focus and priority is with Ferrari.

The Spaniard’s contract with Ferrari does not expire until the end of 2024, so there is no real substance to the speculation linking him to a move away from the team.

It is true that Audi’s CEO has mentioned Sainz as a desirable option for 2026, but this comment was in direct response to a question about whether Sainz is a potential candidate for the manufacturer.

Therefore, whilst Sainz is no doubt a valuable asset in the market, there is nothing concrete to the whispers emerging that he could drive Audi.

The 28-year-old has responded to this speculation, explaining that he is content with his position at Ferrari.

“It surprises me a lot, hearing things about 2026 when I don’t even have a contract for 2025”, Marca quotes him as saying.

“It surprises me that people invent things so much. In some ways, it makes me laugh. In other ways, it annoys me that there are these uncorroborated rumours. 

“Nobody will ever go to that journalist (that started the rumour) and verify it.

“Because the aim is to stay at Ferrari for many years, I am very comfortable here, I’m living a dream, and this is my objective.”

Despite Ferrari’s difficult start to 2023 – most recently exemplified by Sainz’s late-race incident in Australia – it is no surprise that staying at Ferrari is the priority.

The Italian squad is still a front-running team in Formula 1 and likely represents the Spaniard’s best chance of securing silverware in the sport.

Although many doubt his chances of defeating Leclerc in a potential title fight, there is no denying that Sainz can secure better results at Ferrari than most other teams on the grid.

Sainz is not a likely candidate to join Mercedes or Red Bull either, so the natural next step is to continue with the team he secured his first victory with.

Ferrari will also be quite satisfied with his performances since joining the team, although there will be an expectation to improve on the difficult form that characterized the #55’s 2021 campaign.

In any case, as the season continues and the driver market evolves, rumours will inevitably continue to circulate.