F1 News: Andretti receives boost for 2025 F1 entry

Jaden Diaz

Just a few days ago, we reported an update on Andretti and their efforts to join F1. Specifically, our report discussed the reluctance of Liberty Media to enter a legal battle and damage its reputation over Andretti’s entry. As time passes, this sentiment is increasingly prevalent amongst F1 news outlets.

For over two years, the American outfit has worked to join Formula 1. After failed attempts to buy Sauber at the end of 2021, putting down the investment and foundations to create their own team became the priority.

Naturally, with the sport growing in popularity and profitability, no team was willing to sell increasingly valuable assets.

In a similar vein, perhaps the biggest contention for Andretti’s entry is prize money – with established outfits unhappy about the potential for their annual earnings to be diluted.

Liberty Media and Stefano Domenicali have also shown opposition to an 11th team. Typically, the rationale used against a new entrant is that F1 does not want the current equilibrium disrupted.

Debate about whether Andretti can “add value” to the sport, from a commercial perspective, is a key sticking point.

However, the current terms of the Concorde Agreement outline a clear $200 million entry fee. If this amount is given, then the FIA cannot obstruct the process.

Additionally, whilst F1 news outlets have discussed Domenicali’s doubts at length, a public rejection of Andretti could hurt the sport. Almost unanimously, fans have voiced support for fresh blood to join the grid.

After a controversial few years, more bad press is something to be avoided wherever possible.

This topic has also been mentioned in an update by it.motorsport.com. Once again, the idea that Liberty is hesitant to enter into a potentially ugly battle with Andretti is present.

To be clear, there will be plenty of developments and F1 news headlines on this topic before a resolution is reached. With that said, unlike in previous months, there seems to be a realistic path for the American giant.

Notably, it is also reported Andretti has an agreement with Alpine to supply its engines in 2025.

All the ingredients are in place. The question is now what the outcome of Andretti’s tug-of-war with Formula 1 will result in.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang