Aston Martin prepare upgrades to fix biggest weakness of 2023

Jaden Diaz
30 Aug, 2023

Aston Martin arrived with a point to prove in Zandvoort, as F1 news outlets anticipated fresh AMR23 upgrades. These seemed to work effectively, although wet conditions made it difficult to gauge this. Looking ahead to Monza, the British team has more changes planned.

Several teams will introduce circuit-specific changes in Monza. Due to the unique characteristics of the track, low drag specifications are almost always introduced.

Whilst beneficial for certain circuits, these new parts do not improve overall performance. This is especially true since speed is relative in F1.

If most other teams bring similar changes, the net gain is minimal. This is also true because a low-drag set-up, for example, sacrifices other areas.

However, Aston Martin has plans for a performance upgrade that will be valuable anywhere. This will apply not only for 2023 – but also next season.

Aston Martin

A DRS upgrade is scheduled for the AMR23 in a bid to improve efficiency and top speed, explained team principal Mike Krack last weekend.

Mike Krack’s team has already diverted plenty of energy into this area, with its now infamous Canada updates intended – in part – to fix this area.

Although Aston’s current drag is not as punishing compared to the opening rounds, it is still a significant advantage for Red Bull.

Pierre Wache, technical director at Red Bull, has commented on this area. The Frenchman says he is surprised that rivals have failed to replicate what makes the RB19’s DRS so effective. 

These comments were made in a longer interview with the Red Bull aerodynamicist, who expects next year’s car to be a substantial step forward.

With this in mind, even seemingly minor aspects of their significant performance advantage – like DRS – must be looked at.

Aston Martin still has a few upgrades due for 2023. Mike Krack explained post-race in Zandvoort that – given the continuity between this year and next year – investing in the AMR23 is a worthwhile endeavour.

Monza will be the perfect venue to test this upgrade. For now, weather forecasts suggest the Italian GP will be dry – providing teams with enough time to collect valuable data.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang



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