F1 News: Aston Martin understand the failings of previous updates

Aston Martin is confident it can re-capture its lost momentum from the start of 2023, focusing on a series of upgrades (starting in Zandvoort) to correct the recent difficulties of the AMR23.

Team principal Mike Krack outlined very early in the year that upgrades would be brought progressively in 2023, emphasising the importance of understanding a fairly new concept.

Considering Aston’s sustained performance in the opening rounds, including a strong weekend in Canada with a significant upgrade package, this approach appeared effective.

After all, the Silverstone-based team started 2023 with a strong baseline – unlike some of their rivals.

However, the changes introduced in Canada created complications in later rounds. Combined with McLaren’s resurgence, this has relegated the team further down the pecking order.

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Thankfully for Aston, their strategy for 2023 was to introduce updates gradually. This means they have some budget for improvements in the upcoming rounds, as confirmed by Pedro de la Rosa:

“I’m not an engineer, but I talk to the team, and I have a very positive feeling that they know what’s going on, exactly where they need to focus,” he told the F1 Nation Podcast.

“I’m relaxed, I want to congratulate the other teams because they’ve done a great job, but this It’s not the end of the game. It’s not done.

“We keep improving our car. I am at peace knowing the areas that we need to improve.

“When you focus on areas that are not so critical, you can lose focus.

“We know our weaknesses, we are working full steam ahead on them, and that’s why I’m looking forward to Zandvoort.”

Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari have all committed themselves to 2024. This means only a few pre-planned upgrades can be expected from Aston’s immediate rivals.

Although Aston could recover some ground, there is always a risk of jeopardising long-term progress.

Therefore, Mike Krack will work to ensure that improvements to the AMR23 will directly inform the development direction for 2024.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang