F1 News: Lando Norris says “more to come” from McLaren in 2023

Jaden Diaz
26 Aug, 2023

Lando Norris secured another front-row start in the mixed conditions of Zandvoort qualifying, putting himself within striking range of Verstappen into turn 1. Although the Briton admits the Dutchman is likely out of reach, he is confident McLaren can unlock more performance.

The Woking-based squad has reasserted itself as front-runners after a frustrating weekend in Belgium, where rear-wing selection proved a limiting factor on Sunday.

In the team’s rush to accelerate its upgrade package (starting in Austria), sacrifices were made in the production of additional parts, including a low-downforce rear wing.

Regardless, McLaren’s pace in Zandvoort should be enough to fight for the podium on Sunday.

Norris believes there are still threats behind, but is optimistic about what the remaining ten rounds can offer:

“Sadly, I would say I’m still more worried about the people behind than the car in front, which I think is still a good thing,” he said post-qualifying.

The McLaren MCL60 rear wing“We didn’t expect to really challenge the Red Bull at all when we had the upgrade in Austria.

“Even like the rear wing that we have. We’ve chosen this one today just because of these conditions…

“If we just used the other rear wing we brought this weekend, it’s a step forward, it’s a more efficient wing.

“But we chose not to use it. So there are little things that we’re going to try to bring consistently. Maybe not for much longer, because there’s a time when we focus to next year.

“But there’s more to come, and I think because the car has taken so many big steps forward, we’re confident that it’s alive and there’s more things to improve.”

McLaren MCL60 bodywork

Aston Martin seems to have rediscovered some of its form this weekend, introducing an important package of upgrades to the AMR23.

Rainy conditions in qualifying made it difficult to gauge their impact – even a completely dry weekend would offer a relatively limited sample size.

Still, based on the comparative work between Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso in FP2, the early signs are encouraging. For the first time since Canada, F1 news headlines have been more positive for the Silverstone team.

Mercedes, as ever, will be a threat on Sunday – especially with George Russell starting third. Despite having diverted their focus to next year’s car, the W14 is competitive across most circuits.

Andrea Stella has led the team through a tough start to 2023, but it will be intriguing to observe how far they can maintain this upward trajectory and continue to make adjustments.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang




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