F1 Singapore GP: Team Upgrades Revealed

Jaden Diaz

The Singapore GP has quickly become a favourite among F1 fans, producing high-quality races and beautiful scenery under the lights. However, important upgrade packages for several teams add another layer of intrigue for this weekend.

At a circuit where wet weather is relatively common, the radar suggests rain could again play a role. Whilst this can be entertaining for fans, teams will be hoping for as much uninterrupted dry running as possible.

This is especially true for AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo, whose upgrades for Marina Bay are especially significant.

AlphaTauri begins its transition into the Red Bull philosophy in an effort to rise from last place in the 2023 Championship. Like other outfits, these changes will also help their transition for 2024.

Alfa Romeo also brings significant alterations to the C43, whilst McLaren promises another step forward with updates designed to target low-speed performance.

Here are the confirmed upgrades for Singapore:

Red Bull (2)

  •  Floor edge – (performance)
  •  Rear wing – (performance)

Mercedes (1)

  • Front corner (circuit-specific)

Aston Martin (1)

  • Rear corner (performance)

Ferrari (1)

  • Front wing – (performance)

McLaren (9)

  • Front wing endplate (performance)
  • Sidepot inlet (performance)
  • Halo (performance)
  • Floor body (performance)
  • Coke/Engine cover (performance)
  • Rear corner (performance)
  • Rear suspension (performance)
  • Rear wing endplate (performance)
  • Beam wing (circuit-specific)

Alpine (3)

  • Sidepot inlet (performance)
  • Cooling louvres (performance)
  • Beam wing (circuit-specific)

Williams (1)

  • Front wing (circuit-specific)

Haas (0)

Alfa Romeo (4)

  • Floor fences (performance)
  • Diffuser (performance)
  • Rear corner (performance)
  • Front wing (performance)

AlphaTauri (8)

  • Floor body (performance)
  • Floor edge (performance)
  • Diffuser (performance)
  • Sidepod inlet (circuit-specific)
  • Engine cover (performance)
  • Rear suspension (performance)
  • Rear corner (performance)
  • Rear mirrors (performance)

Singapore demands teams to optimise low-speed performance and high-load set-up. However, for several teams, this will not be the only challenge for this weekend.

The priority will be to understand and optimise the vast upgrades being implemented.

Aston Martin and Ferrari have shown that lap time in the simulator does not always translate to the race track.

In a circuit where both drivers and teams are pushed to the limit, Marina Bay could provide a fantastic weekend of action.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang