Ferrari confirm first filming day for 2024 challenger, SF-24

Jaden Diaz

After an intense week on the Cavallino news front, with the contract extension of Charles Leclerc, the new week opens again in the name of Ferrari. The Scuderia di Maranello has made the name of the single-seater that will take to the track in the 2024 world championship official.

The car that will be presented on February 13th will be called SF-24. Maranello’s new single-seater will take to the track immediately after the presentation for their pre-season shakedown. Ferrari will then take to the track on February 14th for the filming day.

A name that follows the line of continuity chosen by Ferrari

As the official press release states, Ferrari has chosen a line of continuity regarding the name of the new car:

“The Scuderia Ferrari single-seater for next season will be called SF-24. The team has therefore chosen a name in continuity with the recent tradition.

“One which has almost entirely characterized the hybrid era of Formula 1 and which includes the acronym SF, which obviously stands for Scuderia Ferrari, followed by the year of the racing season. 

“This formula debuted on the 2015 SF15-T, the second year of the Formula 1 hybrid, and was abandoned only once – in 2022.

“When the car celebrated in its name – F1-75 – the company’s three-quarters of a century. The car will be presented on February 13th.”

The first kilometres on the track immediately after the presentation

The common thread of the red’s start to the season has already been traced. Immediately following the presentation on February 13, the SF-24 will take its first steps in the 15-kilometer shakedown

The following day, February 14, the red car will then be the protagonist of a 200-kilometer session on the track in Fiorano for the filming day.

A line of continuity that not only concerns the name, which we will most likely see again next year, but also the concept of the car, as 2024 will also lay solid foundations for the 2025 season

The 676 project, which now has an official name, aims to progress and have a solid base for the next two seasons, with a competitive car but also one that allows the engineers ample margins for development. This aspect has been missing with the two previous cars.

Charles Leclerc in action at Fiorano with the SF-23 during the past season

Charles Leclerc in action at Fiorano. A Ferrari is, therefore, putting all the pieces in place in view of the start of the season.

Last week, the renewal of Charles Leclerc arrived. Although there were no doubts about the continuation of the Monegasque’s contract, official confirmation can only be positive for the team.

The paddock is now waiting to find out what the future will be on the other side of the garage.

Last season, Carlos Sainz made clear he wanted to know his future before the start of 2024. There are just a few weeks left until the start of the season with the first free practices in Bahrain. 

The most plausible path remains that of renewal between the parties. An alternative name would certainly be something ‘surprising’ from the Maranello company.

Author:  Loris Preziosa
Co-author: Giuliano Duchessa

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang