Ferrari SF-23: First updates introduced

25 Feb, 2023

The final day of testing has begun, with Charles Leclerc testing a new rear wing specification on his Ferrari SF-23. 

We previously reported that Ferrari was expected to debut its new parts at the end of the week and for the first race weekend.

After the first two days of experimenting with different – often extreme – set-ups, Ferrari started making changes to the components placed on the SF-23 .

New rear wing on Leclerc’s Ferrari SF-23.

Ferrari introduced a new wing specification this morning, equipped with a single pylon as support. However, the early action for the SF-23 was stopped prematurely by a DRS problem.

In Charles Leclerc’s first run – even before the action was interrupted by a red flag due to debris left by Red Bull on the track – he suffered a mobile flap defect.

There was non-homogeneous behavior between the left side and the right, which opened abnormally, forcing the mechanics to replace it with the old specification once they returned to the garage.

The single pylon is a solution used by many teams, including as Red Bull, Alpine, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Williams, McLaren and AlphaTauri.

It guarantees better overall efficiency. Last season, a technician from a top-level team told us that with this solution, it is easier to have greater flexibility in the rear wing at high speeds.

This, in turn, causes less resistance to forward movement, one of the problems the F1-75 faced against last year’s RB18.

Not only has Ferrari added new wing support, but there has been a review of the main plane’s design which now appears to be even more loaded , with a more pronounced spoon in the central part. 

The Ferrari wing appears to be more unloaded compared to the specification used last season, confirming that in Maranello, they found more load from the SF-23 car body than the F1-75 .

Author:  Piergiuseppe Donadoni
Co-Authors:  Giuliano Duchessa  &  Paolo D’Alessandro

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang




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