General Motors to enter F1 from 2028 as Andretti engine supplier

The entry of an eleventh team into Formula 1 is a hot topic. The Andretti family has very clear ideas about what they want to create. They intend to see this project through with the support of a supplier, General Motors.

The FIA ​​has approved the entry request for an 11th team on the grid. It is up to Liberty Media and F1 to confirm (with very few feasible ways to decline) the acceptance of Andretti’s application and expand the grid.

Andretti aims to enter F1 in 2025, at the latest in 2026, with the new regulations

The project’s current development programs assume that Michael Andretti’s group will officially enter F1 with a new team in the 2025 season.

This will be the year preceding the key regulation changes to the engines. The General Motors group has completed its registration in F1 (valid from ’28 onwards) by associating this project with the name Andretti Cadillac.

The American team should, therefore, partner with an existing engine supplier. They originally intended to do this with Alpine, although this agreement lapsed and showed no signs of being revived.

Alpine’s new team manager, Bruno Famin, specified that it was not a priority. Andretti appeared relatively calm, stating that “once approval (for the registration) has been obtained, the problem will be solved. We are not worried about this.”

The FIA ​​approval was an important first step to enter F1, but now the thumbs of Liberty Mediain the person of Stefano Domenicali and the teams, are missing.

Some points of discussion concern the entry dee, which is now considered too low by existing teams. Furthermore, the division of the prize money is discussed, which would see prize money decrease for all the others.

Economic and political discussions are continuing in order to close this matter with the approval of the entry of the Andretti Cadillac team

General Motors will be the seventh engine supplier in 2028

Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull Ford, Alpine, Audi, Honda and finally General Motors.

The attractiveness and economic health of Formula 1 can also be explained through this list of large manufacturers that show their interest in entering F1.

They have embraced the regulatory changes from 2026 onwards regarding engines. These will feature greater importance on the electrical part, the elimination of the MGU-K for cheaper units.

The aim is for greater sustainability without penalising power and entertainment.

“We are thrilled that the new Andretti Cadillac F1 will be powered by our powertrain,” General Motors President Mark Reuss said recently.

The goal is obviously to compete at the highest level “against the best. With passion and integrity to elevate the sport for fans around the world.”

GM’s long experience and technical knowledge will allow them, they believe, “to develop a successful engine that will allow Andretti Cadillac to position itself as a real working team.”

Work has already begun, much like the other teams, in preparation for 2026. The technical regulations regarding the new engines have already been decided by the World Council.

“The design of an F1 engine will advance our skills on electrification, hybrid, sustainable fuels. Highly efficient internal combustion engines and all advanced control software”

The words of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem were not long in coming and leave no doubt about what the Federation expects regarding the entry of these new important players:

“I am happy with the news that GM has registered as a supplier of power units FIA-F1. This is a further sign of approval of the power unit regulations (from 2026 ed.).

“The presence of the iconic American brands Andretti and GM is positive for the sport.”

Authors: Paolo D’Alessandro – Giuliano Duchessa

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang