Hamilton: W15 “reacting to my inputs” in Canada

Jaden Diaz

Lewis Hamilton was very satisfied with his first day of running in Canada. The W15 responded as he wanted, allowing the British driver to lean on the car and optimise performance. Mercedes have been increasingly confident about their development path in recent weeks.

Hamilton’s comments somewhat validate the claims made by Toto Wolff and James Allison post-Monaco. A series of changes have been made to the W15’s floor and front wing. These alterations are all part of the wider efforts at the factory to create a more predictable car.

Over the last two years, both Hamilton and Russell have complained about their machinery’s unfriendly characteristics.


Addressing this issue is a priority for the Silver Arrows. Whilst this is not the first time that Friday Practice has flattered the W15, Hamilton’s feedback is still promising:

“It felt great out there today. I was raring to go throughout, no matter what the conditions.

“I was pleased that we were able to maximise our time on track, as that is what is needed around a circuit like this. It’s all about building your pace.

“Today, it was also about understanding the conditions plus the new surface they’ve laid.”

“The car felt strong throughout, and I didn’t even get to finish what would have been my fastest lap. This is one of the best circuits we go to, so I really enjoyed myself out there.

“Recently, Saturdays have proved more challenging for us, but I feel confident out there and that the car is reacting to my inputs.

“Ultimately, we won’t know until tomorrow afternoon just where we are in the order, but today was a really good day overall.”


The varied weather conditions in Canada are altering the calculations of teams and drivers this weekend. Set-up work will be essential to provide a car capable of competing in all scenarios.

For Mercedes, set-up work has not traditionally been a strength in recent times. Toto Wolff’s team have become well-known for “experimenting” with the car and ultimately hindering performance.

However, the team has already committed to avoiding this trial-and-error approach. Only once this year, in China, have these 2024 F1 cars been tested in wet conditions. Hamilton performed well, qualifying in second for the Saturday Sprint Race.

Therefore, in relatively unknown territory, there are reasons for Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, and the Mercedes engineering personnel to be encouraged.