Helmut Marko responds to Toto Wolff “Wikipedia” comment

6 Sep, 2023

Red Bull and Mercedes have found a way to continue their rivalry in 2023, even with the RB19’s current dominance. Helmut Marko is unimpressed by Toto Wolff’s recent “Wikipedia” comments about Max Verstappen’s F1 records – issuing a response to continue these off-track antics.

Formula 1 is a sport where politics matters, though it’s safe to say – in this instance – a far less sophisticated disagreement is unfolding.

Mercedes is out of contention for this year’s Championship, failing to produce race-winning machinery with the W14. Red Bull, meanwhile, is yet to lose in this season’s campaign.

This prompted a question to Toto Wolff about Verstappen’s record-breaking 10-race win streak, which the Austrian team principal insisted is only relevant for “Wikipedia.”

Wolff explained that such milestones are of no relevance to him, although quotes from 2020 (when Hamilton achieved the most F1 wins in history) might contradict this.

In any case, Helmut Marko has offered his opinion on the matter in textbook fashion – without filter:

“Wikipedia is one of the most read mediums – maybe someone can tell Wolff,” he told Servus TV.

“It’s not insignificant. We are happy, and we are happy to take these records with us.

“The difference between us and them is that we look at our own team to get the best performance. 

“We just go about our business without making up all these stories like they do. 

“But we don’t worry about Mercedes, as long as they aren’t serious rivals for us.”

Analysis on this issue is rather limited – since this is a dispute between team personnel, as opposed to any performance-related aspect of Formula 1.

In any case, Red Bull’s superiority is worth noting, at least in the context of this exchange.

Nobody “wins” in these scenarios, but there is always a driver and team that lifts F1’s World Championship trophies when the year ends.

Therefore, it is Mercedes – regardless of the importance they attribute to statistics – who will be eager to change the script.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang




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