Hugo Boss to “concentrate on F1” amidst AlphaTauri rumours

Jaden Diaz

The growing popularity of F1 in recent years has seen increased activity from big brands, including Hugo Boss. Already involved in Formula 1 via its partnership with Aston Martin, the German brand is linked with a potential title sponsorship with AlphaTauri.

Several entities have been linked with AlphaTauri in recent months, owing to Red Bull’s declaration that the Faenza squad will be re-named for the 2024 season.

Formula 1 generates significant audiences and – therefore -is an asset for companies that want to associate themselves with the pinnacle of motorsport.

After all, Red Bull’s takeover of Jaguar in 2004 (and subsequent rebranding of Toro Rosso to AlphaTauri) was a recognition of the influence enjoyed by F1.

Speaking with, Daniel Grieder (Hugo Boss CEO) outlined where his company efforts in motorsport will lie:

“HUGO BOSS is realigning its existing involvement in sport, and we will only concentrate on Formula 1 in the future.”

Hugo Boss recently concluded its involvement in Formula E, one of the numerous examples of their interest in racing.

However, in a similar fashion to other big brands (albeit manufacturer teams like Audi or Mercedes), their focus will be centred on competing in Formula 1.

Although no comment was made on the rumours linking Hugo Boss to AlphaTauri, it is clear that the means for a title sponsorship are present.

Of course, there are numerous groups looking to compete for a slice of the F1 pie. This will give Red Bull plenty of options to choose from for 2024.

Looking at these excerpts from an interview with Reuters last year, the enthusiasm for F1 from the Hugo Boss CEO is clear:

“Formula 1 is back and is better than ever. They have also committed to a more sustainable world.

“The sport is also more relevant than ever, and the whole world is watching. 

“So many fans are into it, and it’s so exciting at the moment. I think the balance they found now is perfect.”

With this in mind, it seems at least plausible that AlphaTauri will have conversations – however advanced – with Daniel Grieder and his team.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang