Lewis Hamilton to be reinforced by Mercedes personnel at Ferrari

Jaden Diaz

As per tradition, the announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s hiring by Ferrari was minimal. There was no need to emphasise a signing that spoke for itself. Ferrari’s move on Hamilton was a ‘presidential’ decree from John Elkann, so very few people were in the know. Among this group was Charles Leclerc, who is positive about the 7-time Champion’s arrival.

Because Lewis must not arrive alone in Maranello

Ayrton Senna once said a simple phrase, “the best F1 driver and the highest paid.” Hamilton’s 100 million salary will put him back at the top of Formula 1’s list of earners. The English driver brings significant firepower both on and off the track. The seven-time English world champion will bring his influence and a certain – let’s call it – media protection to Maranello.

The Englishman will have to marry with the very particular Italian customs of Ferrari.

It is guaranteed that this transition will be immediate or easy. However, it is a challenge that fascinates both parties, perhaps more difficult for Lewis than for Ferrari itself.

Yet Hamilton’s sporting and tactical intelligence suggests that he will not come alone. As of yet, there has been little time to gauge precisely who Hamilton can convert from Silver to Red. However, it seems inevitable there will be some movement.

What is certain is that Lewis will not be able, nor will he want, to arrive ‘solo’ to Ferrari. He won’t have to make Vettel’s mistake, which was to accept a challenge without his own safety net.

Ferrari wants to please Hamilton and open doors. Anyone who wants to follow him would be welcome.  


In an era where inclusion and diversity are factors that fortunately matter, Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari together represent a heritage of unknown potential.

After Ferrari’s victory at Le Mans (which will be recalled in some way on the black-free livery of the SF-24), the lawyer’s nephew leaves his first big mark in Formula 1 management.

He is showing a precise vision, perhaps unusually instinctive but apparently successful in its global complexity. After all, “It’s the best thing that could have happened for F1,” as Helmut Marko admitted. 

The Hamilton-Leclerc pair seems clearly the best on the grid for the 2025-2026 period. Not only Mercedes, but also Red Bull will have to adapt and react to face two leaders of this magnitude.

A key name will be Alonso, or perhaps Carlos Sainz – provided the Spaniard doesn’t settle at Sauber-Audi first.

Ferrari needs a good year with the SF-24, which is not too distracted by future expectations. However, Ferrari fans are already excited about the prospect of a groundbreaking driver lineup at Maranello. 

Author: Giuliano Duchessa

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang