Liam Lawson expected to race with AlphaTauri in Qatar

Liam Lawson is fast becoming a highly-rated talent in F1, demonstrating impressive speed and adaptability at AlphaTauri. The 21-year-old has already secured points with the upgraded AT04 and will aim to further progress in Qatar.

Developing as a driver in Formula 1 is always difficult, especially in the Red Bull set-up. Nyck de Vries proved earlier this year that an opportunity can be taken away as quickly as it is given. However, Lawson is enjoying more success than most anticipated.

Excluding the Dutch GP, which in itself was an impressive showing, Lawson has shown little signs of inexperience. Performance, tyre management and consistency are all skills that have been shown in a very small sample size.

Although drawing conclusions from a handful of races is difficult, it seems clear that the 21-year-old belongs in the pinnacle of motorsport.

As it stands, he is set to have another opportunity with AlphaTauri this weekend. Despite making progress, Daniel Ricciardo is still working to recover from his wrist injury.

Considering the Australian is guaranteed an F1 race seat for 2024, there is little point in prematurely putting him back on the grid. Aggravating Ricciardo’s existing injury by rushing him back seems illogical.

Ricciardo spent time in the simulator and is still not at 100%. However, he is making progress and can be expected to make his comeback in either America or Mexico in late October.

Therefore, Lawson will have the chance to experience the intensity and difficulties of the new Sprint Race weekend format.

Considering the performances he’s shown, and AlphaTauri’s already confirmed 2024 line-up, there is little more the Kiwi needs to prove. With that said, it is important to avoid fixating on the picture in Formula 1.

Regardless of Lawson’s future, which is an important subject to discuss, this weekend presents an occasion for him to race in F1.

He will surely take this chance, as in previous races, to secure more experience and further establish himself as one of the big developments of the 2023 season.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang