Marko: Tsunoda and Ricciardo both Red Bull options for 2025

Jaden Diaz

Helmut Marko outlines that there is everything to play for in 2024, with Tsunoda and Ricciardo both Red Bull candidates for next season. Meanwhile, the senior advisor explains what Sergio Perez must accomplish to retain his seat.

Amidst a generally quiet transfer market last year, there was plenty of activity at Red Bull and VCARB.

The only constant was Yuki Tsunoda, who successfully dispatched Nyck de Vries before holding his own against Daniel Ricciardo. Alongside the Japanese driver, there were three different teammates across the year.

A name that has perhaps been forgotten in recent weeks is Liam Lawson, who impressed everyone with his cameo appearances last season.

He cannot be overlooked, however, because Red Bull has heavily implied he will earn a full-time seat by 2025. The issue is when, not if, the Kiwi can establish himself in Formula 1.

Movement is also expected amongst the drivers currently under contract, with Sergio Perez’s position under heavy scrutiny. The Mexican driver must improve his performance this year following a disappointing campaign last season.

Helmut Marko outlined what he expects from the F1 race winner:

“Checo has to deliver consistent performance. It’s clear that he can’t always drive at Verstappen’s level,” he told kleinezeitung.

“If he comes second in the Championship and gets one or two wins, he will certainly be considered for 2025.”


Opportunity for Tsunoda and Ricciardo

Unlike in 2023, the likes of Ferrari are expected to be more consistent challengers to Red Bull. This means Perez cannot get away with finishing 300 points behind his teammate and still claiming P2 in the standings.

Moreover, the presence of Daniel Ricciardo increases the pressure on the Mexican driver.

Not only is the 34-year-old a viable option in his own right, but his presence elevates the perception of Tsunoda’s efforts – which were often overlooked alongside Nyck de Vries.

“For both of them, it’s not just about saying in Formula 1, but also about the possibility of a promotion to Red Bull,” explained Marko.

“This applies to the person who clearly dominates the season within the team.”

Clearly, then, there will be tremendous pressure – but also opportunity – for the Red Bull roster.

From the first round of 2024, their performances will feed into speculation about the Austrian team’s future driver line-up.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang