Max Verstappen speaks candidly about possibility of retirement

Max Verstappen is transparent when discussing how long his motivation to continue racing in F1 could last. After taking a third world Championship, the Dutchman responded to the possibility of retirement.

Verstappen executed an impressive comeback at the Losail circuit, with only Oscar Piastri denying him victory. However, the 25-year-old did more than enough to earn a third consecutive title.

Red Bull has dominated throughout 2023, although the majority of their points can be attributed to their newly crowned 3x Champion’s efforts.

As it stands, Verstappen has the longest contract in Formula 1. Barring any surprises, the plan is to stay with Red Bull until the 2028 season at least.


Verstappen discusses retirement

However, amidst his relentless success in recent seasons, he never shies away from introspecting and contemplating a future outside of the sport.

Speaking to Sky Sports after Qatar’s Sprint Race, Verstappen was asked if another World Championship leaves him satisfied:

“It’s not something that I have on my mind… Time will tell. I’ve already achieved a lot more than I ever thought possible, so I’m already very happy.

“I was very satisfied, yeah. I mean, if you told me you have to retire tomorrow for whatever reason, you know, my life is good. 

“I could do whatever I want.”

Such comments are not uncommon in recent years, with Lewis Hamilton also speaking extensively about his plans beyond F1. With that said, much like the Dutchman, the British driver is also committed to a multi-year deal.

Ultimately, speculation about retirement will persist in Formula 1 media outlets – something Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton can attest to.

Verstappen’s comments in perspective

Verstappen’s comments about retirement are always worth considering, but they should not be taken too seriously.

After all, at just 25 years old, there is no reason he cannot stay on the grid for 10+ years. If Red Bull can keep itself a race-winning outfit, the opportunity to break even more records will surely not be turned down.

It isn’t as though Verstappen is not a racing fanatic either, spending much of his free time competing in simulator events.

Regardless of his medium and long-term plans, there is no denying his impact on F1 will be immense in the immediate future.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang