McLaren reportedly winning battle for nine-figure sponsorship

Jaden Diaz

Several F1 teams are reportedly working to secure an extremely lucrative new sponsorship agreement. As it stands, McLaren is seen as the front-runner to land a deal. The Miami GP will host Formula 1 for the third time in a few days, forming one of three American races on the calendar. Whilst the circuit’s track layout is generally underwhelming in the eyes of fans, it represents a critical date in the calendar of teams in 2024.

Primarily, this weekend’s significance goes beyond the on-track action. Of course, F1 is a sport where results are king. Racing is still the most critical aspect of a race weekend. That said, there are political games taking place behind the scenes.

For Andretti, they will have an important meeting to discuss their plans to enter F1 in 2026. Mario Andretti is already working behind the scenes to bolster his chances. The World Champion spent yesterday meeting with members of US Congress, after hinting in interviews that – should their upcoming meeting with FOM go poorly – other resources are at their disposal.

Of course, Andretti would prefer a smooth path onto the grid. However, they are bracing themselves for all eventualities.

Zak Brown, CEO, McLaren Racing, on the pit wall

Several teams working for Mastercard sponsorship

Meanwhile, a blockbuster sponsorship agreement is understood to be up for grabs. was the first outlet to report on Mastercard’s interest in sponsoring an F1 team. Numerous teams, all front-runners, were described as being in the race to reach an agreement.

Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin have all been mentioned as outfits working to land a deal with the New York-based company.

The financial reward of signing on the dotted line could be substantial, with estimates suggesting a value of over $100 million. McLaren, who recently announced a new partnership with eBay, are understood to be leading the race.

Zak Brown has spent several years accumulating one sponsor after another for the Woking-based team. In this sense, it would be unsurprising if McLaren got across the line with Mastercard. Still, nothing is agreed at this stage – and several teams are in the race.