McLaren reveal ‘Triple Crown’ livery for Monaco and Spanish GP

Jaden Diaz
23 May, 2023

McLaren F1 has revealed a special one-off livery for the upcoming Monaco and Spanish GP in tribute to the Woking squad’s success throughout its history.

McLaren has accomplished the highly revered Triple Crown in Formula 1, taking victory in Monte Carlo, the Indy 500 and – on several occasions – the Championship itself.

The Woking squad has developed something of a reputation for its impressive one-off liveries, with the 2021 Gulf-sponsored livery likely the best example of this.

In any case, with the MCL36 set to enter a crucial phase of the season, McLaren has treated its fans to a unique and already popular new design and colour scheme.

Team CEO Zak Brown has released a statement about the significance of this milestone:

“Having achieved the greatest accomplishment in motorsport by completing the Triple Crown.

“We are proud to celebrate the rich history of McLaren Racing with a special livery at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix.

“In line with our 60th-anniversary celebrations and honouring the legacy of Bruce McLaren, the unique livery pays homage to the three victories which form the Triple Crown accolade.”

McLaren’s rate of development this year was brought into question at the Miami GP, which seemed to cancel out the step forward in performance seen on the streets of Baku.

Currently 5th in the standings and looking to get its new wind tunnel and facilities online, the British squad faces an important sequence of races to get its season back on track.

Unless one of the top four teams experiences a significant drop-off, McLaren will be forced to swallow their pride and settle for the unofficial position of ‘best of the rest’.

This seems to have been the approach taken at Woking, with the team’s upgrade plan targeted at addressing the MCL36’s weaknesses and setting it on the correct trajectory.

As the F1 grid looks to set itself on the correct course for the remainder of this season, McLaren will at least be sure of an exciting livery design for Monaco and Spain.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang