Mike Krack: Aston Martin podiums “not enough” for Lawrence Stroll

Jaden Diaz
6 Apr, 2023

Despite a strong start to the 2023 season, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack has explained that expectations remain high for continuous improvements as the year continues.

Positive reports about Aston Martin’s 2023 package began during the winter break, with whispers about the AMR23’s potential quickly circulating in F1 circles.

After a series of underwhelming seasons beforehand, there was naturally an element of scepticism about the British team’s chances of making a significant step and fighting the leaders.

Even after the strong laptimes shown by Fernando Alonso in pre-season testing, it was assumed that Mercedes and Ferrari would relegate Aston Martin down to the midfield.

However, three races and three podiums later, it seems impossible to dismiss the team currently second in the Constructors’ standings as front-runners.

Mike Krack has emphasised the importance of understanding the AMR23 and establishing a baseline before focusing on updates, meaning the Silverstone team has kept this competitiveness without major changes.

Analisi dati Melbourne

Although the same can be said for most teams, the Silverstone squad’s development in 2022 – alongside their significant wind tunnel allocation – will make their progression this year intriguing to observe.

Speaking after the Australian GP, team principal Mike Krack did not shy away from the high-stakes position the team finds itself in:

“The mission is very clear. [Lawrence Stroll] has not been having any delay in telling us, ‘When are we going to win the next one?’.

“Obviously, he is happy we have made a step, but this is not enough for this ambition. 

“The good thing is, with Lawrence, you know where you stand – he wants more, and we will have to deliver more.

“[2023 has started with] three circuits with three different characteristics. To be competitive on all three, we are confident we can be on other circuits as well.”

Whilst some would argue it is overly optimistic to expect Aston Martin to make further gains on their rivals, it seems logical for the team to remain ambitious.

Making such a step over the winter is commendable, but having the resources to maintain their relative level of performance will be the next test.

Mercedes and Ferrari both have issues that have plagued their start to the year, and limited wind tunnel time could limit their ability to address their respective weaknesses.

Aston Martin, meanwhile, seems completely satisfied with their correlation for the AMR23 package.

This – in theory – should minimise the pitfalls that other teams could experience throughout 2023 with their mid-season updates.

Lawrence Stroll’s ambition – and that of Fernando Alonso – is surely shared throughout the team, so it will be intriguing to watch how the situation evolves.



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