OFFICIAL: Honda to make F1 return in 2026 with Aston Martin

Jaden Diaz
24 May, 2023

This morning we wrote about how Aston Martin and Honda have reached an agreement to become partners from 2026, not only related to supplying power units – but also as technical and commercial partners. The Japanese colossus returns to Formula 1 and will be part of Lawrence Stroll’s ambitious project to consistently bring the Scuderia from Silverstone to the level of the top teams of the last decade: Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.

At the time of writing, an official press conference confirming this new project is currently underway in Japan. Here are some of the statements from the key protagonists from Aston Martin and Honda.

Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda: “One of the main reasons we have decided to accept this new challenge is because F1, which is the pinnacle of motorsport, is going in the direction of sustainability and zero emission, which is in line with Honda’s projects. It will be a platform that will help the development of electric technologies.

“Honda has a history of growth linked to winning championships. With the 2026 rules, the key to victory will be that of a compact, light engine with lots of electric power and a battery capable of delivering and managing energy in the best possible way.

“We think that the knowledge we will gain with this new challenge can be applied directly to our mass production of vehicles, as well as electric racing cars, or the electrification of different aircraft, including eVTOL, which we are currently developing.

“Honda and Aston Martin, our new partner, share the same attitude and determination for victory, and so from 2026, we will compete for the world championship as Aston Martin Aramco Honda.

“Honda has the utmost respect for the FIA, ​​who have implemented this wise decision to introduce these new and challenging regulations to improve sustainability in racing and the environment, but also for F1, who have increased the value of the F1 brand and have secured an evolution as the world’s most prestigious racing sporting event.”

Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® Team: “I would like to welcome Honda and HRC to the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team. We share the same principles, such as determination and ambition for success on the track.

“Honda is a global titan, and his winning history in motorsport is amazing. I would like to thank Mr Mibe and Mr Watanabe, and all the HRC team as we embark on this exciting future together from 2026.

Koji Watanabe, President of Honda Racing Corporation:
“In the midst of this period of change in our business and the motorsport environment moving towards a zero-emissions transition, we have re-established HRC as the optimal platform for development and evolution of motorsport activities, the strength of Honda.

“We will have sustainable operating structures for our racing activities and continue to deliver dreams and excitement to motorsport fans around the world.”

Martin Whitmarsh, Group CEO of Aston Martin Performance Technologies: “I have been fortunate in my career to have worked with Honda over the years, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with HRC and the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team from 2026.

“The Power Unit regulations are a huge and important change, where we are sure we can succeed together. With our strategic partner Aramco, we can look to the future together.

“Our future collaboration with Honda is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to satisfy our ambitious plan, like Aston Martin, within Formula 1. Finally, I would like to thank our current Power Unit supplier, who will continue to support us for the coming seasons.”

Authors: Paolo D’Alessandro & Giuliano Duchess

                                                             Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang



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