Oscar Piastri expects to face stiff resistance in Zandvoort

Jaden Diaz
25 Aug, 2023

Oscar Piastri is confident in McLaren’s ability to execute strong race weekends, whilst being well aware that Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin are legitimate threats. The Australian explained his general outlook and expectations heading into the Dutch GP.

Considering his inactivity last year, Piastri’s performances as an F1 rookie have been highly impressive. Lando Norris, himself a great talent, is consistently kept honest by his 22-year-old teammate.

Podium finishes were certainly on the cards in Britain and Hungary, so it is safe to assume that Piastri could achieve some big milestones in the remaining ten rounds.

McLaren will introduce more upgrades this weekend, concluding the transformative development package that started in Austria.

Direct competitors Aston Martin have also prepared changes, so it will be intriguing to see how the fight behind Red Bull develops.

Speaking to the media, Piastri discussed this ever-changing dynamic:

“Even before we had the car to fight solidly in the points and for podiums, we were still executing our races very well and making the most of the opportunities that we did have.

“Now that we’ve got a car that’s capable of fighting for a lot more, it’s just more evident for everybody.

“I think just keep the same processes and stuff, obviously try and get a bit closer to Red Bull.

“I think each weekend it can chop and change between us, Mercedes, Ferrari… Aston could come back into that fight very easily.

“Just try to be consistent and hopefully be that next team to try and fight Red Bull.”

Legitemately challenging Red Bull will only be feasible in 2024, so the second half of the year is crucial for team’s to address any unkowns going into winter development.

Aston Martin’s botched upgrade and Mercedes’ slow start to the year prove that performance found in the wind tunnel is not always translated on track.

As mentioned previously, the true test for McLaren – maintaining their current trajectory and optimising their package – begins now.

Author: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang




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