Piastri eager to capitalise on Red Bull and Ferrari slip-ups

Jaden Diaz

McLaren have gone somewhat under the radar in post-qualifying discussions, owing to the spectacular nature of the identical laps set by Russell and Verstappen. However, the Woking-based team is better placed than any other team for the Canadian GP. Norris starts in 3rd, Piastri in 4th. The Australian has explained why McLaren’s qualifying result is so significant.

The team led by Andrea Stella are on a hugely encouraging trajectory. They have gone from strength to strength since their major upgrades were brought to the MCL38.

Oscar Piastri can also be credited with huge gains over the course of 2024. Although he finished just behind his teammate, the 23-year-old is happy to be in the mix:

“Yeah, [there were] definitely a few places where I know there was time, unfortunately.

“I think in those kinds of conditions, everybody probably has the same. You look at George, going three-tenths slower from Q2 to Q3. Clearly, it wasn’t very easy to get the lap together. Pretty happy with the position.”

Verstappen (GP Canada)


Fine margins separated the entire field, and the margin for error only became smaller in Q3. Pole Position is always the objective, but Piastri says being consistently at the front is important in the big picture:

“Obviously, being so close and knowing that there’s places out there where I could have found time, [is] a bit frustrating.

“But I think in a session like that, and if we’re going to be fighting for championships, you need to be there when things don’t quite go your way.”

This sentiment is undoubtedly shared throughout the McLaren pit wall. With Perez underperforming for Red Bull and Ferrari still struggling with tyre warm-up, the British outfit’s consistency will be rewarded.

In a race where anything can happen, Piastri is well-positioned:

“Ferrari are further back down the field, Red Bull have only got one car there, so [it] gives us a good opportunity for tomorrow.

“I think it’s been such a jumbled-up weekend that the race could equally be just as random, I would say. I think Mercedes have looked very quick all weekend, Red Bull have looked good, and I would say we’ve looked pretty good.”