Pirelli to be exclusive F1 tyre supplier until 2027

Jaden Diaz

Pirelli and F1 have announced the continuation of their relationship – with a contract renewal for the tyre manufacturer until 2027 and an option for another year (2028). This news was highly anticipated, although some reports put a final agreement in doubt.

The decision also involves using tyres without tyre warmers – for an increasingly sustainable future in which the Italian-Chinese brand is already well prepared, collaborating with F1 and FIA.

Pirelli wins the ‘challenge’ with Bridgestone and continues its commitment to Formula 1 until (at least) 2027

An important F1 Commission was held over the Belgian GP weekend when teams discussed the prospect of removing tyre warmers. Pirelli eventually decided to postpone this specification’s debut – so further tests could be carried out.

This was one of the issues in contract negotiations with Formula 1 earlier this year. Mario Isola explained to us a few weeks ago what the procedure required by the regulations was. The tender was open, and any supplier could submit an application before waiting to receive eligibility from F1 and FIA and discussing commercial and sporting issues.

Bridgestone turned out to be the only concrete rival for Pirelli, presenting a very important offer on an economic level and starting discussions with F1. Pirelli, in turn, increased their offer, albeit a lower one than what the Japanese company put on the table. In any case, Bridgestone’s interest proved to be “useful” to allow F1 in negotiations with Pirelli.

In the end, what made the difference was not economics but the excellent relations between Pirelli and F1.

Above all, the Italian company showed constant commitment to being a real partner, not just a simple supplier. Having developed expertise in F1 for the last ten years, they are well-placed to do this.

There were immediate doubts about Bridgestone’s candidacy, especially due to the few technical guarantees and the little time available for the Japanese giant to design and test its tires on the track. 

In fact, the Japanese manufacturer was asked to create two different types of tyres in the first two years of work: the current specification and those that will arrive with the new regulations in 2026. In addition, they would have to facilitate the removal of tyre warmers.

The fact that Pirelli has begun a path based on sustainability (evidenced by the abolition of tyre warmers in 2025) has also had an impact.

Mario Isola and his team worked on this project for a long time, trying to satisfy the requests of F1 and the teams, creating a satisfactory product. The arrival of Bridgestone would have meant a reset of decades-old knowledge and complicated organisation of track tests in order to develop tyres.

The choice of renewal was something that was expected in the paddock for a few weeks.

What slowed down the official announcement was the complexity of the offer, which includes not only Formula 1 – but also smaller categories such as F2 and F3, thus requiring more in-depth discussions. 

This latest agreement with Formula 1, as already announced, will be the last renewal between Pirelli and F1 – opening the way for future manufacturers. Bridgestone is among them and will want to replace Pirelli upon exit from F1.

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: the words of….

Stefano Domenicali, President and CEO of Formula 1.

“Since returning to the sport in 2011, Pirelli has been an invaluable partner, supporting Formula 1 in new generations of technology and technical regulations and supplying tires to enable fantastic racing for our fans.

“The company’s commitment to quality, innovation and deep knowledge of our sport will be vital in the coming years as we approach our new regulations in 2026, and the work Pirelli is focused on in sustainability, proven by certification FSC, will ensure that we continue to work together to achieve our shared Net Zero 2030 goal.

“I would also like to commend Bridgestone for its extraordinary proposal and commitment throughout the process. They have a proud legacy in our sport, and I would like to thank them for their high professionalism and passionate commitment to us.

Mohamed Ben Sulayam, President of the FIA:

“Pirelli has operated at the highest levels of motorsport for many years, and I am confident that it will continue to deliver innovation and excellence on the world stage.

“Formula 1 is a unique challenge for the tire supplier, and Pirelli has shown great commitment to producing tires that meet the extreme demands of these incredible cars.

“I would like to thank Pirelli for its continued support of motorsport not only in Formula 1 but in many other championships and categories at every level.

“Work will continue in the coming years to make further steps forward both in terms of performance and sustainability, and Pirelli has a strong commitment to both of these objectives.

Marco Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli Executive Vice President and CEO: 

“We are pleased to extend our presence in Formula 1 and other related championships. Pirelli was there when Formula 1 was born in 1950, and with this latest renewal, the company will now be a protagonist during almost two decades of the modern era of Formula 1.

“Thanks to the impetus of Liberty Media and with the support of the FIA, the sport is experiencing an extraordinary period of growth both in terms of audience and global expansion, increasing its following even among younger generations.

“Innovation and technology are contained in Pirelli’s DNA, and Formula 1 constitutes the open-air laboratory par excellence to ensure only to try and test new technical solutions but also to accelerate new research, development and production processes in the production of tyres.

“I would also like to thank everyone at Pirelli for their passionate commitment and the quality of their work over the years, which will continue as we extend this partnership together.

“Our commitment to sustainability is equally strong, as demonstrated by the future FSC certification introduced in our F1 tires from next year.

“Being at the forefront of the pinnacle of motorsport until at least 2027 adds another important dimension of value to our company”

Author: Paolo D’Alessandro, Piergiuseppe Donadoni & Giuliano Duchessa

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang