Red Bull investigation concluded, Christian Horner acquitted

28 Feb, 2024

The 2024 Formula season is about to begin. After testing, the teams remained in Bahrain for the first Grand Prix of the season. Whilst Red Bull remains on-track favourites with the ‘revolutionized’ RB20, within the team, the climate is far more uncertain.

A few hours before the start of the new season, one of the main topics of discussion is the future of Christian Horner.

Team Principal cleared of ‘misconduct’ charges

The accusations made by the Milton Keynes Team Principal led the company – dutifully – to begin an investigation to verify the truthfulness and possible seriousness of what had emerged.

It was a thorny situation that Red Bull – the Formula 1 side – tried not to comment too much on.

There has been a power play underway within the team for some time now, which has worsened with the arrival of the new ownership and the division into two very specific entities.

The Thai side supports Christian Horner and his successful work to date. On the other hand, the Austrian parent company more strongly supports the vision of Helmut Marko, who also enjoys the important sponsor Max Verstappen.


The situation has also inconvenienced and annoyed Ford, the motoring giant which recently signed a partnership with Red Bull in view of the new regulatory cycle, which will start in 2026.

CEO Jim Farley made his disappointment clear through a letter. He mentioned the “unclear” affair and complained about a lack of communication from Red Bull itself towards Ford.

He also pushed for a quick conclusion to the affair. Farley called for clarity on every aspect regarding the accusations made against Christian Horner.

Red Bull hired external lawyers to ascertain the serious accusations against Christian Horner. With the investigation concluded over the weekend, a conclusion was reached that saw the English Team Principal acquitted of all charges against him.

Horner is travelling to Bahrain and will arrive today. His presence is also scheduled for a canonical post-match press conference on Saturday, a plan that can still be changed in any case.

Official Red Bull press release

“The independent investigation into the allegations made against Mr Horner is complete, and Red Bull can confirm that the complaint has been dismissed.

“The complainant has the right of appeal. Red Bull is confident that the investigation was fair, rigorous and impartial.

“The investigation report is confidential and contains the private information of the parties and third parties who cooperated in the investigation, therefore we will not comment further out of respect for all interested parties.

“Red Bull will continue to strive to meet the highest standards in the workplace.”

Author: Paolo D’Alessandro , Giuliano Duchessa & Piergiuseppe Donadoni