Sainz in talks with Williams and Sauber as he waits for Red Bull

Giuliano Duchessa, Piergiuseppe Donadoni, Jaden Diaz
26 May, 2024

One of the issues holding the most attention in the F1 paddock is the future of Carlos Sainz. The Spanish driver has offered very little about which team he will join in 2025. Sainz has not given himself a deadline to make a decision. From his point of view, the situation is quite delicate. The priority remains to join a team that can give him guarantees for the future.


Carlos Sainz faces a tough choice since his ambition remains to win. Therefore, wherever he goes, post-Ferrari plays a crucial role in his career. On the day dedicated to the press in the Principality of Monaco, there was no shortage of questions focused on the topic.

I can’t confirm anything,” the Spaniard said when asked if Mercedes remains an option. Last week, Lewis Hamilton described Andrea Kimi Antonelli as the figure he would choose to succeed him at Mercedes. The Italian driver remains in contention for the second Mercedes seat in 2025.

Meanwhile, George Russell showed no clear preference for his next teammate at a press conference in Monaco.

“I already have a strong driver at my side, so who comes next is not a problem.”

The Mercedes seat remains among Sainz’s possible options. it has not entirely disappeared.

However, Toto Wolff is in no hurry to choose the name of his second driver for next season. This is certainly not good news for the Madrid driver, who, by waiting for Mercedes without any certainty of the place, could lose other available seats.


The Spaniard’s other options are Red Bull, Sauber (to enter F1 as Audi in 2026) and Williams.

Sainz has always clearly preferred a return to Red Bull, unlike Albon, who decided he no longer wanted to return to the team that torpedoed him a few years ago. The Milton Keynes team is still an option, so Sainz has opted to wait before making any decisions.

Red Bull’s internal situation has calmed down, and Verstappen’s future is now more certain. The English Team Principal has proposed a one-year renewal to Checo Perez. However, the Mexican driver would prefer a two-year contract.

“The negotiations have started. But at this moment, it is not important to talk about whether my renewal will be for one, two or three years. We need to focus on the end here in Monte Carlo,” said the Mexican.


In recent weeks, Williams Team principal James Volwes approached Carlos Sainz. He showed the Spaniard the long-term potential of the project in Grove. Vowles did the same thing to convince Alexander Albon to renew.

However, Sainz is not the only driver Williams has spoken to. Valtteri Bottas has already held multiple interviews, one of which took place over the Monte Carlo weekend.

The Finn is an experienced driver who James Vowles really likes and worked with before at Mercedes. For Sainz, the most likely option remains Audi. The German brand can offer a lot more money than Williams.

The final choice should, however, take place in the short term. The German giant will not wait indefinitely and, just like Williams, would imply a suffering 2025 for Sainz, then hoping for a rebirth thanks to the introduction of the new technical regulations.

However, it is not what the Spanish driver wanted as his first choice, hence the long wait linked to its future.

Sainz (Ferrari)

It is clear that Sainz is carefully evaluating every single movement behind the scenes in view of a choice that he has defined as crucial for his career, which is why the timing has been extended. He didn’t hide it in the usual Thursday press conference.

“I haven’t set any deadlines because this is such an important decision at this stage of my career that I want to have all options on the table and think about it carefully,” said Sainz.

The Ferrari driver added:

“I’m about to turn 30, and I really want the next project to work.”

Although in the past he had repeatedly highlighted the need to know the future as far in advance as possible, Carlos did not say he was worried about the risk of missing out on potential projects, putting his career first among his priorities:

“It’s about putting together everything I feel I need for my next big chapter.”




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