Sergio Perez increasingly likely to continue with Red Bull

Jaden Diaz
27 May, 2024

Sergio Perez has struggled in recent events, with McLaren and Ferrari making life more difficult at the front. Despite this, Perez remains in a strong position to continue with Red Bull. The consensus in the F1 paddock is that only a dramatic turn of events would prevent Perez from keeping his seat.

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have been increasingly complimentary of the 34-year-old. Comments from these senior Red Bull personnel, as well as those from Perez himself, indicate a contract extension is imminent.

Just under two months ago, the narrative surrounding Perez’s future was far more uncertain. Carlos Sainz was widely cited as an attractive option for Red Bull, especially as the Spaniard secured strong results for Ferrari.  However, the state of play seems to have changed.



Earlier this month, Helmut Marko explained that Alonso was dismissed as an option to join the team. According to the Austrian, the Double World Champion’s presence would disrupt the team’s internal harmony. In short, Alonso would challenge the status quo and internal dynamics that Max Verstappen enjoys.

Similar reasoning can be given for the likely decision to keep Sergio Perez.

The last three rounds have demonstrated that Red Bull is not guaranteed to win the Constructors. Ferrari and McLaren have stronger line-ups overall, with both drivers capable of scoring big points and fighting at the front. Since McLaren and Ferrari’s upgrades, Red Bull’s lead in the standings has rapidly diminished.

Luckily for Perez, this does not seem to be part of Red Bull’s calculations.

When the season began, Helmut Marko stated that no decision would be made until the summer break. This timeline has been moved forward, despite the fact Ferrari and McLaren are giving a clearer image of whether Perez is capable of helping Red Bull claim the Constructors Championship.

Despite the consistently impressive performances shown by Yuki Tsunoda, he is not under consideration. It seems that Milton Keynes made up their mind on the 24-year-old a long time ago. His results are unlikely to be rewarded with a promotion.

For Red Bull, the priority no longer seems to be assembling the two best drivers available. Instead, they are pursuing the most conservative combination possible to keep the team’s internal dynamics intact.




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