Valtteri Bottas on Alpine shortlist for 2025

Jaden Diaz

Over the last few months, Valtteri Bottas has been investigating his options for 2025. The market is extremely volatile, with seats available at several teams – especially in the midfield. With Sauber actively exploring options to replace him, Bottas must look beyond the Hinwil-based team. Alpine are just one of the teams the Finn is in talks with.

The internal tensions at Alpine are no secret to anyone. In just the first race after Esteban Ocon’s departure was announced, team orders became a point of controversy.

Bruno Famin’s team will be looking for some much-needed stability over the next few years. Although the Enstone squad’s poor performance can largely be put down to upper management, Famin has still stressed the importance of harmony within the team.

Bottas in contention, Alpine still waiting on Gasly decision

Alpine are unlikely to make driver announcements anytime soon. There are still many unknowns in the market, so making any commitments at this stage would be impractical.

Even if they wanted to extend Pierre Gasly’s contract, the 28-year-old has no reason to sign an extension so soon. Although Gasly is now the de facto team leader, Alpine has given no reason for anyone to be confident in their short or long-term potential.

“We are happy with Esteban, happy with Pierre – but we are happy to reach in case something happens.”

These were Bruno Famin’s words in April. Evidently, one aspect of this statement has already been proven false. Time will tell if Gasly is retained. Regardless, it seems fair to say that nothing can be written off at Enstone.

Like most drivers, the Frenchman is waiting to see if alternatives materialise.  The luxury that Gasly has, which Bottas does not, is relative certainty his existing team wants to retain him.

All signs point toward Sauber beginning next season with an all-new driver lineup. Because of this, these weeks and months will be tense for the 10-time race winner.

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Bottas one of many drivers on Alpine shortlist

Jack Doohan is emerging as a leading candidate to join Alpine next year. He is already the team’s reserve driver, having earned plenty of praise from Bruno Famin for his feedback in the simulator.

When comparing Bottas and Doohan, the question really becomes whether immediate or long-term performance is the priority.

Over the next year or so, the Finn is likely to perform at a higher level. Even if his C44 doesn’t make it easy for him to show it, Bottas remains a very solid driver. The last two years at Sauber have not seen any extraordinary results, but the Finn can still be credited with a very impressive head-to-head against his teammate.

The 34-year-old is also a relatively big name in F1, which could help Alpine to convey some sense of ambition in the future.

Then again, the French outfit might opt for youth instead. Doohan is unlikely to deliver results immediately, but he could develop into a capable driver over time.

For now, there is no favourite to join Alpine. With Carlos Sainz increasingly expected to join Williams, another key player could be off the market.

This will put the ball in Bottas’ court to try and produce the necessary performances to tip the scale in his favour.