Vasseur: Ferrari 2024 car will be very different, updates due in 2023

Jaden Diaz
23 Aug, 2023

The Ferrari SF-23 was intended to fight to bring at least two world titles back to Maranello. Instead, it immediately proved to be a problematic car, which on the track did not show the same data from the factory.

Ferrari was so encouraged by its simulation tools that CEO, Benedetto Vigna, defined it on the day of the presentation as a “single-seater that will be unprecedented in terms of speed”. 

Sometimes, the teams see important improvements in the tunnel and on the simulator, but then they go to the track, and it’s all too sensitive.

What happened last year to Mercedes, this year to Ferrari and more in the short term to Aston Martin?

It is a difficult aspect of these regulations that make “the flow structures under each car are more complicated and much more volatile” than the previous generation, to quote Mercedes’ Andrew Shovlin. This requires a completely different approach from the teams.

Vasseur: “There will be a carry-over between the SF-23 and the 2024 car, a totally different project starting from the chassis.”

Vasseur confirmed that further updates will be seen on the SF-23 between now and the end of the season, but not in Holland and Monza. “We still have some updates to introduce, but later, before the end of the season.”

Regarding the 2024 project, he immediately outlined the following: The SF-23 and next year’s car will not share the same chassis.

“The 2024 project is totally different, we will have a carry-over between the two cars, but it won’t concern the chassis and bodywork,”  said the French manager.

Completely different Vasseur 2024 car

A car that will follow the concepts brought to the track by Red Bull, now by many other teams, but not only because they are also working on their own innovations in Maranello.

Regarding the RB19, Vasseur believes that the Anglo-Austrian car does not have a single area where it is much stronger than the other cars.

“I think they are stronger everywhere and are getting the most out of every macro area: riders, engine, chassis, aerodynamics, suspension, strategy.

“I think it would be a mistake to say they are much better than us in this or that sector. Rather we must try to make the best of what we have in every single sector and take a small step forward everywhere.

“We’re talking about two-tenths, it could be two-tenths of aerodynamics, but in reality, I think it’s more a matter of cents that come from many areas”.

The French manager then wanted to comment on the situation that sees Lewis Hamilton still without a valid contract for next season.

I think it’s the same situation as the last 10 years with Lewis, I’m in discussions, and I don’t know what the problem is – if there is a problem.”

However, he was keen to reiterate that these are not discussions that concern a Ferrari deal. Regarding a possible renewal for Carlos Sainz, Vasseur wanted to throw water on the fire surrounding the Spanish drivers’ future.

“I think that with Carlos, we are in line on everything. We have 18 months to discuss, and we want to start next season with a clear situation with our riders.

“This means that we will have to talk about it before the end of this season, but we still have 4 or 5 months ahead of us to decide. However, we are completely on the same line of thought with Carlos and the management of him, and we will talk soon ”.

Vasseur on Marko’s comments about the 2026 engines: “It’s just his little game. We are pushing like everyone.” 

In recent days, Helmut Marko has released statements to the German media that have caused a lot of talk, especially with regard to the situation, which, according to the Austrian manager, sees Ferrari and Audi lagging behind in the development of the 2026 engines.

“On Helmut, I don’t want to comment on the situation of the others because we are pushing, and I think we are in a good situation,” Vasseur explained.

We certainly want to do better and better, develop more, have more options and be ahead, but it is the same for everyone, and I sincerely want to avoid making comments on the situation of others”.

Completely different Vasseur 2024 car

From the recent rumours collected, it has emerged that Mercedes, in particular, is going well with the next generation of power units.

Red Bull is understood to be directly behind, with Ferrari slightly behind, although Vasseur insists there is no reason for concern.

“Our development is going well. We certainly want to do more, like everyone on the grid. It’s the mentality of an F1 team.

“If you give the guys something, they will want more, this mentality is very important, but we are following the plan, and we are even ahead of schedule, and everything is ok on our part.”

The manufacturer suffering the most appears to be Audi.

Free practice 1 for Ferrari rookies: Robert Shwartzman will take Sainz’s SF-23 in Zandvoort

With regard to the two mandatory free practice sessions for the Rookies to be carried out, Ferrari had not used any slots up to Belgium. He will do it in Holland.

With that said, Robert Shwartzman will take the place of Carlos Sainz during the first free practice next weekend.

Later in Abu Dhabi, it will be the second opportunity for the Russian driver to drive the SF23, this time by Charles Leclerc.

Completely different Vasseur 2024 car

Why in Holland? There wasn’t much choice, as you can’t do Singapore, Japan and Las Vegas, and there are also sprint events in Qatar and races with different tire allocations.”

However, many have wondered why Ferrari F2 drivers are not employed. Vasseur was very clear on this point of view, talking about private tests for them over the next few weeks.

“They have to focus on the F2 championship. We will try to give them opportunities to test the 2021 car or something else before the end of the season. But I want to push them to concentrate on F2,″ stated the French engineer.

To conclude, there were comments made about the budget cap. The three teams Ferrari is struggling with in the Constructors (Red Bull, Mercedes, Aston Martin) were asked for additions/clarifications to the budgets presented.

“In July, the FIA ​​informed us that the results of the cost cap would arrive by the beginning of September. I have full faith in the FIA, ​​and I expect them to come with the cost cap results according to plan,” concluded the always diplomatic Ferrari team principal.

Author: Giuliano Duchess and Piergiuseppe Donadoni

Co author: Andrea Vergani

Translation: Jaden Diaz-Ndisang




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