Williams is “the right option” for Carlos Sainz – Vowles

Jaden Diaz

Carlos Sainz is searching for his next destination in F1. With Red Bull officially off the table (and Mercedes an unlikely next step), the options available to Sainz are limited. The three-time race winner will likely have to settle with a team in the midfield. In recent weeks, Williams have been increasingly mentioned as a possible destination.

Over the last 24 hours, Sainz has answered many questions about his future. A consistent theme in his responses is that nothing is confirmed for 2025, although he insists there are many possibilities still available.

The Ferrari driver also claims he has been aware of the latest market developments (e.g. Red Bull renewing Perez’s contract) for several months.

Regardless of the extent of his foresight, Sainz is in a somewhat awkward position. There are no realistic paths to the top teams, meaning he is now linked with outfits that were hardly mentioned as realistic destinations when the year began.

Williams is perhaps the newest team linked with the 29-year-old. Although reports first began to gather momentum in Monaco, they have reached new heights heading into this weekend’s action in Montreal.



Speaking to the media in Montreal, Williams team principal James Vowles was candid about his interest in Sainz:

“I think we’ve been very open on discussing who’s very much at the top of our list. 

“It’s now determining what we can do to find a match with, in this circumstance, Carlos, who I think is an incredible driver. He’s a race-winning driver…

“But it’s his choice where he wants to go to. I mean, it’s been highlighted that there’s one of two options for him, and we’re very much one of those two. 

“I personally think we’re the right option. It’s a good match made together, but the choice remains – of course – his.”

The Williams team principal was incredibly candid about negotiations, outlining his interest in Carlos Sainz for 2025.

It is a testament to Williams’ progress that they are mentioned so frequently in the driver market. The team’s ambition and recent trajectory are opening up new possibilities in terms of talent.

However, as Vowles outlined, it is Sainz who will make the final decision.