Williams reportedly offer Carlos Sainz multi-year contract

Jaden Diaz

Williams are working hard to sign Carlos Sainz for 2025. James Vowles wants to sign two “world-class drivers” and sees this year’s market as an opportunity to realise this goal. The Williams team principal aims to have both his drivers contracted until 2026 – offering his team continuity heading into the new regulations.

It is understood this emphasis on stability has influenced the contract proposal made to Carlos Sainz.

More dominos in the F1 driver market fell last week. The most consequential for Sainz was Red Bull’s decision to extend Sergio Perez’s contract. Despite the question marks surrounding the Mexican driver’s performances, Christian Horner opted to retain his services at Milton Keynes.

With Mercedes focusing on Kimi Antonelli and his progression, there are no available seats among the top teams for Sainz.

Williams: One of two main options for Carlos Sainz

When speaking to the media last week, Carlos Sainz said that Perez’s contract extension was no surprise to him. He insisted that the announcements being made public have been common knowledge within his camp for months.

Even if Sainz has been aware of the ongoing situation at Red Bull and Mercedes, it cannot be said this was a scenario that anyone envisaged when 2024 began. Indeed, despite spending several years fighting for podiums and wins, his next destination will be a midfield team.

James Vowles confirmed in Canada that he is negotiating with the Spaniard. He echoed the analysis shared by formu1a.uno after the Monaco GP, namely that there are only two realistic options for Sainz.

The Williams team principal believes his squad is the best option available to the 29-year-old. The former Mercedes engineer has shown no shortage of ambition since taking the helm at Grove.

Albon (Williams)

Vowles reportedly offers multi-year contract

According to Michael Schmidt from AMuS, a four-year deal is on the table. However, this deal would include an option in 2026, allowing Sainz to part ways if a better opportunity presents itself.

This flexibility is almost certainly something Carlos Sainz will be after. None of the teams currently available are expected to make a huge leap in 2025. Nothing is guaranteed when the new regulations arrive in 2026. Therefore, signing anything longer than a two-year contract is very risky.

Even though Williams (much like Sauber) are unlikely to lead the way in 2026, a deal with the Grove-based team could act as a stopgap.

Should James Vowles transform the team into race-winners, that would obviously be ideal. However, assuming the British team is still in the midfield by 2026, it will be essential for Sainz to have the freedom to explore other options.

Much like this year, F1’s “silly season” will be very intense when the new regulations arrive.

Williams are undoubtedly aware of this. In this sense, the team’s reported contract proposal also shows their confidence in making notable progress over the next two years.