Andretti on F1 entry: “What else should we deliver?”

Jaden Diaz
18 Gen, 2023

The saga between Andretti, F1 and the FIA ​​will continue in the upcoming weeks and months as the American team fights to join the grid in 2026.

After spending much of last year frustrated with the obstacles impeding their path to F1, Andretti begins 2023 with significantly more financial firepower as they negotiate their entry.

Andretti announced its joint bid to enter Formula 1 with General Motors in early January. This partnership promises a new manufacturer in the sport and satisfies one of the demands outlined by F1 and the FIA.

There are also reports that Andretti has the financial backing of Guggenheim partners – an investment firm with over $285 billion in assets. Guggenheim is expected to help Andretti cover the entry fee and develop its new motorsport facility in America. 

Whilst there is still some resistance from Formula 1, Andretti is adamant that every requirement and demand from the FIA ​​has been met for them to be accepted.

As quoted by the German outlet AMuS, Mario Andretti is satisfied that nothing more can be done to appease the decision-makers that will review their F1 application:

“Until now, Cadillac has only been a luxury brand. But GM also wants to give Cadillac a sportier touch… Their campaign is already supported by successes in the IMSA series.

“Now they want to be in Le Mans. Formula 1 fits perfectly into their strategy. Actually, Formula 1 should say: Welcome Cadillac…

“The FIA ​​has already asked us many very specific questions, and we were able to answer all of them to complete satisfaction.

“The [FIA] President has everything in writing that is needed for an explanation. When that wasn’t enough, we needed a manufacturer – commitment demanded. We delivered it. What else should we deliver?”

This is an appropriate question for Andretti, considering their impressive and relentless responses to the demands placed upon them.

The FIA’s decision is important not only for Andretti but for other potential entrants also. If the American team is unsuccessful in joining F1, then it seems unlikely others will be able to achieve this.

Like much of the motorsport community, Andretti eagerly awaits the final decision regarding their entry bid.

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