FIA announce formal application process for new F1 entrants

2 Feb, 2023

The FIA ​​has formally announced the launch of a new application process for potential new entrants into Formula 1, allowing any successful teams to enter from 2025 onwards.

Andretti’s interest in joining the F1 grid has become common knowledge over the twelve months, as the American squad hopes to become the sport’s 11th team.

A clear divide has emerged regarding their entry, with FIA President Ben Sulayem voicing his enthusiasm for opening the doors for Andretti – in stark opposition to the hesitancy shown by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Despite Andretti successfully partnering with Cadillac – and therefore offering the possibility of a new manufacturer – opposition remains from senior figures at Liberty Media and several teams.

Aside from Alpine – who have likely already reached an engine agreement with Andretti – the majority of the field is opposed to a new team in F1.

Primarily, this resistance stems from financial reasons. Existing teams are unenthusiastic about diluting their share of the prize fund to accommodate another competitor.

For all the rhetoric about the ‘value’ that Andretti can add to the sport, it seems clear that monetary reservations are the biggest obstacles the team faces. 

The FIA released a statement on this new process:

“The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile today announces the official launch of an application process to identify prospective teams seeking to participate at a competitive level in the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship.

“The FIA ​​welcomes interest from entities with a serious intent to enter the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship.

“The high level of interest from a number of potential candidates is further proof of the popularity and growth of the Championship.

“The overall long-term interests of the Championship, involving all stakeholders, will determine which candidates are selected together with the applicable regulations and governance arrangements.”

However, a crucial element that has also been noted is that Liberty Media can “impose additional selection criteria/conditions” to be assessed during the application process.

Considering that teams have suggested the $200 million entry fee should be increased – arguing that the value of teams has grown since the Concorde agreement – it seems unlikely the road to F1 will be a smooth one.

In any case, whether anything concrete emerges from it or not, an official entry process has been implemented for potential new entrants.


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